From scrap metal and sawdust to modular homes and telephone poles


Growing demand for warehousing has led us to continuously expand our storage capacity. We are currently one of the region’s major storage providers, with facilities and resources optimised for most types of goods.

We have 450,000 m2 of warehouse space in our ports around Lake Vänern. Cargo can be stored in outdoor, fenced-in storage areas, with or without a roof, or spacious warehouses when the goods need more protection from the elements. We build new warehouses as demand increases.

In addition to warehousing, we sort and package goods according to our customers’ instructions. Modern equipment and experienced staff are a given in all cargo handling.


Security important

Swedish legislation demands strong security measures for ports and shipping. The Code of Practice on security in ports requires both technology and special procedures, while the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code regulates the conditions around the docks and in the harbour.

The legislation means that Vänerhamn not only takes measures to protect ships and their cargo, but also to prevent accidents caused by unauthorised access to the port area.

In practice, this means that all ports are surrounded by security fencing and have secure access control and monitoring solutions.

Storage capacity


Indoors: 74 000 m2
Outdoors: 105 000 m2


Indoors: 21 000 m2
Outdoors: 96 000 m2


Indoors: 7 000 m2
Outdoors: 100 000 m2


Indoors: 8 000 m2
Outdoors: 27 000 m2


Indoors: 1 000 m2
Outdoors: 10 000 m2

TOTAL AREA: 449 000 m2