Skills and resources for

all links in the logistics chain

An extensive infrastructure and excellent opportunities to combine marine, road and rail freight allow us to create customised multimodal solutions for import and export. With a constantly expanding offer, we can now take on every link in the logistics chain.

Working side-by-side with the business community over many years has taught us to be highly flexible, reliable and efficient.

Our core operations have always been shipping and handling marine cargo, but over time those concepts have been expanded to a wide range of logistics services.

Forwarding & clearing

Forwarding is a natural part of our customer services. We create complete shipping and storage solutions and help with customs and necessary documentation for import and export.

Our clearing agents help to ensure efficient, cost-effective port entry. We manage all the formalities with authorities as well as practical details to make your time at port go as smoothly as possible.

Terminal services and warehousing

Our experienced staff use modern equipment to load, unload and reload cargo. Many of our staff have extensive experience and know-how about handling most types of cargo.

We even provide further handling, such as sorting, processing and packaging a huge variety of products.

Growing demand for warehousing has led us to continuously expand our storage capacity. Currently Vänerhamn has nearly 500,000 m2 of storage space, indoors and out, for short and longer-term warehousing.

Our facilities all have large, fenced-off storage areas as well as extensive warehouses for cargo that requires shelter from the elements.

Multimodal transports

These days, good logistics means efficient full-service solutions. Carefully organised combinations of different transport modes that get your goods from one destination to another as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

At Vänerhamn, we reload your cargo quickly and efficiently between ship, train and truck. We tailor complete solutions in continuous dialogue with all parties involved.