Quality is one of our most essential concerns. The Vänerhamn quality policy describes the goals of our quality measures and how to achieve them.

Quality policy

Vänerhamn will establish its own quality and environmental management system to continuously improve the quality of all of its operations.

This means that:

  • Vänerhamn will develop its own quality and environmental management system, tailored to Vänerhamn’s operations, to meet the requirements of customers and clients.
  • Ensure that all employees at Vänerhamn AB focus on regular improvement efforts.
  • All management in the company is based on quality and environmental awareness.

To achieve these goals, Vänerhamn must:

  • Embrace health and safety issues in the overall quality system.
  • Handle cargo and carry out related services in a way that maintains and improves our competitive edge.
  • Regularly provide skills enhancement for all employees and develop handling methods and technologies to achieve the lowest possible marginal costs to society.