Vänerhamn in brief

A winning choice

For centuries, shipping on Lake Vänern has been essential to businesses in the region. Lake Vänern’s connection to the North Sea opened the door to economical and eco-friendly shipping to destinations around the world.

Since the Middle Ages, shipping over Lake Vänern and the Göta Älv River have created a natural link between the mainland and the North Sea.

These days, nearly 700 cargo vessels traffic the waters of Lake Vänern, carrying nearly 2 million tonnes of cargo. And these volumes are expected to increase.

Most of the goods transported over Lake Vänern come from, or are destined for, a foreign port. This means that our ports are a vital hub of commerce between regional businesses and the rest of the world.

Coordination helps us create efficient full-service solutions

Over the years Vänerhamn’s ports have increasingly worked together to meet the market’s demands. Step by step we coordinated our efforts to offer you complete shipping and logistics solutions.

In 1994, we combined all of our operations into a single company, VÄNERHAMN AB. The ports of Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Otterbäcken, Lidköping and Trollhättan united under one name, with headquarters in Karlstad.

A well-planned infrastructure and excellent opportunities to combine marine, road and railway transport allow us to create customised multimodal solutions for import and export. We take control of the whole logistics chain to create efficient full-service solutions from sender to recipient.

Business concept

Vänerhamn’s mission is to offer its customers the best alternative for services related to the handling and storing of goods at the ports as well as freight to and from the ports.


Vänerhamn AB is owned by:

  • Karlstads kommun 31%
  • Lidköpings kommun 20,3%
  • Kristinehamns kommun 17,5%
  • Gullspångs kommun 13,7%
  • Vänersborgs kommun 8,5%
  • Åmåls kommun 1% 
  • Lantmännen 8%


Our ports

  • Karlstad
  • Kristinehamn
  • Otterbäcken
  • Lidköping
  • Vänersborg

Operating in:

  • Gruvön
  • Hällekis
  • Åmål 
  • Trollhättan

Total volume

2 620 000 ton (2016)

Marin cargo volume

1 440 000 ton (2016)

Total storage area

449 000 m(2016)

Number of vessels

656 (2016)


111 employee (2016)