Cargo types

Our ports handle a wide array of cargo types. Exactly what products pass through our ports depends on the specific needs of our customers, as well as the expertise and unique conditions in each individual port.


All ports handle bulk cargo such as ore, slime, stone, metals, chemicals, salt and biomaterials. One important class of gods is products to and from agriculture in the Swedish heartland.

Karlstad also has an oil terminal for storing, reloading and distributing oil products.


We handle large volumes of refined products mainly from the forestry industry.

Vänerterminalen warehouses, processes and reloads paper products from the region’s papermills.

Several of our ports also handle sawn timber products and several input products for the construction and engineering sectors.


One growing field is break bulk cargo, for which we offer complete transport and storage solutions for imports.

We contact suitable hauliers, provide the necessary documentation and assume responsibility for ensuring that the cargo reaches our distribution centre. We also reload and distribute goods to the end customer.


Experienced staff and the right equipment allow us to handle big, complex loads requiring extreme lifting capacity. Some examples are giant tanks, transformers, cisterns and machine parts. We are also often involved in transporting turbine parts to wind farms.


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