History and our customers’ needs define the cargo in

Vänern's ports

The ports around Lake Vänern handle over 2 600 000 tonnes of cargo annually. Each port’s history and the characters of regional businesses make them all unique.

The ports in the north end of Vänern – Karlstad and Kristinehamn – have traditionally focused on refined forestry and industrial products.

Over time, new types of cargo have made their entrance. For example, in recent years the Port of Karlstad has frequently served as a receiving and reloading station for huge volumes of concrete blocks for the construction industry. This port also handles extensive amounts of different kinds of biofuels.

The port in Otterbäcken has always been key for the export of ore concentrates such as zinc and lead slime. It also handles bulk goods such as scrap metal and various products for recycling.

The Port of Lidköping is a commercial hub for agricultural products. It handles giant volumes of animal fodder, fertiliser and cereals, and also raw materials for the cement industry. One type of cargo that has made an appearance in recent years is packaged waste for incineration in Lidköping’s district-heating plant.

The Port of Vänersborg primarily handles bulk goods, with an emphasis on ferrous alloys and input goods for the production of alloys. The port also handles quartzite, cereals and fertilisers.

Our operations in Gruvön, Hällekis, Åmål and Trollhättan are usually connected to nearby industries.

Our ports

Our ports are' located in Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Otterbäcken, Lidköping and Vänersborg. We also have operations in Åmål, Gruvön, Hällekis and Trollhättan.

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The Port of Karlstad is Vänerhamn’s biggest facility, with extensive storage space and high-capacity equipment. The port handles oil, wood products, paper and bioenergy products and heavy-lift shipments for the region’s businesses.

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One of Vänerhamn’s biggest terminals for break bulk cargo, bulk cargo and wood products. The port offers loading and unloading, forwarding and clearing.

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Otterbäckens hamn


Otterbäcken is Lake Vänern’s only natural deep-water port. It offers loading and unloading, forwarding and clearing of mainly bulk cargo.

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Lidköpings hamn


Focuses on agricultural products and solid fuels. Offers loading and unloading, forwarding and clearing.

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Vänersborgs hamn


A strategically located port near major national roads, located where the Trollhätte Canal meets Lake Vänern. Focuses on bulk cargo.

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