Complete resources for efficient

cargo handling

The ports around Lake Vänern handle about 3 million tonnes of cargo each year. A steady flow of goods are loaded and unloaded from vessels for warehousing or reloading on other modes of transport.

We handle almost everything

On the docks, our skilled staff work with all kinds of cargo.

Our ports handle bulk goods such as metals, chemicals, forestry and agricultural products and refined products from the paper, wood products and engineering industries.

More and more customers entrust us with large, complex loads that other modes of transport simply can’t handle. We regularly handle Yankee dryers for the paper industry and other large, heavy machine parts. Over the years, we have also been involved in lifting tower sections for wind turbines and enormous tanks, cisterns and transformers.

We also sort, process and package a huge variety of products.

Cargo containers

Vänerhamn is one of the owners of Vänerexpressen, an eco-friendly and economical alternative for shipping containerised cargo to and from industries in central Sweden.

Vänerexpressen is based in a modern, purpose-built container terminal in the Port of Karlstad. It boasts 22,000 m2 of storage and handling space for more than 600 cargo containers, with excellent road connections and a rail line that goes right into the area. In addition, it is conveniently located near warehouses for container cargo.  

Equipment designed to meet our customers’ needs

To meet our customers’ needs, we regularly invest in modern equipment for loading and moving cargo.

Giant stationary cranes and fast mobile folding-arm cranes ensure safe, smooth handling. We also have many lift trucks designed for different uses.

Powerful reach stackers move and stack cargo containers in the port. We also have a LoadPlate and specially designed forklifts for stuffing container cargo.